Is Flash really dead or has it just been changed.

For the longest time now we have declared Flash is being dead. Since the official announcement back in 2017 that Flash will be phased out by the end of 2020. What most people understood as the death of flash is not actually the case. Before flash was hailed as one of the largest web technologies, it was also widely used buy content creators like YouTubers and animators as a simple to use vector animation tool. So where did the idea of killing Flash come from. Well browsers and companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft this list also includes Opera and Mozilla FireFox.

Basically what I am saying is Flash is alive and well, just not where it use to be. Adobe Animate, basically flash support on browsers was stopped in its entirety, but was and still is very widely used by animators… So Flash as a animation tool and scripter is still widely used, even for some Adobe Air and interactive desktop applications, but not as a browser plugin or interactive flash website.

I am not saying that flash development will be as big or as popular as it use to be but what I will say is that it will be driven and utilized in a far more appropriate manner. I am just glad AS3 is still there…