In the world of fintech there is one clear requirement and that is efficiency. Never has it been more relevant in the world of fintech to spend your time wisely. Yes, money plays a big part of that, but time is by far the more valuable commodity. Financial institutions need to be first, fast, effective and relevant. So then where does technology help with that?

The answer is simple, without technology your will lose a lot of time, this will lead to the loss of clients and will inevitably cost you money. …

Wait, what are you talking about? Well its simple to be honest, V8 is the engine the drives Node.js written in C++, to really get into the gritty side of V8 you can read more about it at

So, think of V8 as the engine of the car, which is very apt based on the name, and well the surrounding parts is the Node.Js code. Everything you do in the code is managed by the V8 engine, but to understand V8 you need a little bit of knowledge of what Node.Js is.

What is Node.Js?

Node.Js allows for the execution of JavaScript…

Ever heard your other half in the house ask “Why is this still here, its not the place for this?” and you stand there, in a random room not having a clue what its about. You then have to do a couple of things:

  1. Find out who asked the question.
  2. Find out what it was in connection with.
  3. Discuss the reason for said item to be in the place it was found.
  4. Discuss at length the solution of why its there, why it should not be there and where would be a better place to put it.

Can you imagine…

Something that I have been working with for many years is integrating services for customers, whether that is REST, SOAP, XML-RPC or JSON-RPC services and one thing that is abundantly clear is the approach a lot of businesses take when offering integrations into their platforms.

Every business has a very specific process and business requirement as well as security processes that fall around that to protect user data as well as their own data, but how these are implemented and given to potential customer or third-party integrators is where the real problem lies.

Some time ago I built a automated…

WordPress as a whole is a very contaminated market, it is a widely used platform and its vulnerable to every kind of attack. Most businesses are not even aware of the risk there is to their site’s integrity and that of their data, especially where they capture and store client information.

There are a lot of ways in which you can secure your site and there are a couple of very simple things you can do.

WordPress Security Updates are Vital

One of the first and most important aspects of any WordPress site is constant updates. Most of WordPress’ updates…

So this took me a bit to wrap my head around but the bottom line is that it’s bad practice to use Arrow functions and function binding in JSX elements.

class MyWrongExample extends React.Component<TestInterfaceProps> {
constructor(props: TestInterfaceProps) {

private handleOnClick = (): void => {
// Handle on click event

private getButton = (): JSX.Element => {
// The use of a arrow function here is a bad idea.
return <button onClick={() => this.handleOnClick()}>Click Me</button>;

public render = (): JSX.Element => {
return (
<div><span>{ this.state.notice }</span>{ this.getButton() }</div>

In the above example…

For the longest time now we have declared Flash is being dead. Since the official announcement back in 2017 that Flash will be phased out by the end of 2020. What most people understood as the death of flash is not actually the case. Before flash was hailed as one of the largest web technologies, it was also widely used buy content creators like YouTubers and animators as a simple to use vector animation tool. So where did the idea of killing Flash come from. …

Recently I came across a very interesting problem, Windows and the development environment is not exactly as friendly as Linux and or Mac. With either of these if you have long commands you simply create a bash script, add you command to that, allow excecution permissions and run it like you would a normal terminal command without having to constantly type out the entire command in terminal over and over again.

Windows PowerShell, well this is a different beast all together. Here is an example of a powershell command that you run in Nuget CLI to do a EF migration:

I have a lot of WordPress experience, I know the templating structure, I know the internal workings. I understand security surrounding WordPress and how to secure WordPress. I can develop plugins in standard WordPress form as well as develop them with React.Js, Angular and Vue. I can create API endpoints and secure then using OAuth, JWT or my own custom flavor or of basic authentication.

I can do all these things with WordPress but I can not sell myself as a WordPress Engineer to other companies. I have had to remove it from my CV completely.

Why has this happened…

Recently I came across something in React I oddly never saw before and this was a React.PureComponent. In our current system we use Redux as our global state manager and because of that we have moved to using component states to manage component level states using the this.setState({}) method.

interface AnimalProps {
species: string;
type: "omnivore" | "carnivore" | "herbivore"
// PureComponent class example
export class Animal extends React.PureComponent <AnimalProps> {
constructor(props: AnimalProps) {

At first I could not understand why we have React.Component and React.PureComponent until I saw it.

There is only one small difference between a Component and a PureComponent. A PureComponent manages the shouldComponentUpdate for you. PureComponents do what is called a shallow comparison for props and states where as a Component does not, and therefore a PureComponent with re-render whenever shouldComponentUpdate is triggered.

Philip Jonas

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